CEO & Entrepreneur
Mentoring Program

How would you like to have a mentor with 28 years experience as a serial entrepreneur and 20 years as a CEO?  A mentor who has launched over 70 successful products, grown two businesses to over $100 million in sales, and created over $1 billion in shareholder value, just while at those companies?

How about a mentor available by phone to discuss your most important decisions as your CEO co-pilot? Someone that is on your team every week? A virtual member of your team you could never afford even part-time.  And all for less than half the price of a good secretary? 

Mr. Norton is one of the country's leading experts on emerging growth companies, entrepreneurship, strategy, vision development and growing businesses rapidly?  His coaching and consulting has helped many new entrepreneurs and CEOs beat the odds and grow their business faster and be more successful.

This program is designed for CEOs and entrepreneurs with less than 7 years in that position, or CEOs who are in a situation that they have not successfully navigated before.  All entrepreneurs need some senior level help, but can usually not afford to have this high level of expertise on their full-time staff. 

Author, speaker and serial entrepreneur Bob Norton trains CEOs and entrepreneurs to optimize their businesses and develop into world-class leaders and executives through coaching and at seminars like the CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp.

His CEO Boot Camp training is used by rapid growth companies and even large corporations like Microsoft and Intel for intrapreneurship.

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The solution is clear - add an advisor, or virtual management team member, to your team to avoid expensive mistakes and also add and independent, outside perspective.  If you have not grown a company to $30 million in sales or more and that is your goal, doesn't getting help from someone who already has make sense to you?  

Many new entrepreneurs hang "President" on their door without getting the guidance of others who have done it before, when they would never hire anyone for any other job without many years experience doing exactly that.  This kills many companies and greatly restricts the growth of many, many more.

The CEO & Entrepreneur Mentor Program is designed to both help guide your business and to help you develop into a world-class CEO more rapidly.  The idea is that Bob will get up to speed on your business and provide advice on any and all challenges you face. You will develop a program to enhance your abilities and fill in the holes we all have.  The "Prudent CEO" works hard to find out what he or she does not know and fill those gaps in their team. Generally this can be done only with real experience and the guidance of people who have "Been there. Done that."

Outside perspective and experience is key to success.  We are just too close to many issues to see all the best alternatives.

     The CEO & Entrepreneur Mentoring Program provides:

  1. Regular Meetings - Average of one hour per week of time working with you "on" the business (not "in" the business) and addressing the biggest challenges and decisions you face today.  This time can be used for strategic planning, evaluation of problems or just about any topic that is pressing that you need help with that week. We can meet for either a half-day twice a month, or one hour weekly, either in person or by phone.

  2. Telephone and Email Support - You will have Bob's cell phone number to call for quick consultations on important decisions and issues to get the benefit of Bob's experience whenever you need it!  Bob will also  leverage his personal network of contacts to help you find key answers and resources. Email can usually be responded to within an hour.

  3. Vision and Organizational Development - Bob will help you update and validate your vision and probably fill several holes in your management team's Skills Set Matrix (The 20-40 skills required for the success of most companies).  He will also provide ideas on ways to expand your business and leverage your core values and assets that are not expensive or risky, but will allow you to open up new channels of sales, save on costs or expand the business in other ways.

  4. Whatever else you need to reach the next level of your personal and corporate development.

Not everyone is accepted into this program, as Bob can only handle a few of these at a time and must be selective.  This program is designed to last a year or more to get both the executive and their business to the next level of performance.  Applicants are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  

Executive Coaching as an Investment 

In a study published by The Manchester Review in 2001, the executives interviewed cited executive coaching as having the following frequency of tangible business impacts:

* Productivity 53%
* Quality 48%
* Organizational Strength 48%
* Customer Service 39%
* Reduced Complaints 34%
* Cost Reductions 23%
* Bottom Line Profitability 22%

The Manchester Study concluded that the ROI of a well executed coaching program is 500%.

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